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Activate PASSPORT account included with Premium Protection subscription.

PASSPORT is included with active Premium Protection subscriptions at no additional cost.  It can be shared by up to x5 users and used on an unlimited number of devices.

There are three parts to this activation process:

a.  Use the Gryphon Connect app to create a new PASSPORT account
b.  Install the PASSPORT app on your smartphone
c.  Connect your PASSPORT installation with your Premium Protection subscription to activate

 Let’s get started!

a. Register for a PASSPORT account through the Gryphon Connect app

1. Make sure you’re using the latest version of the Gryphon Connect app.

2.  Login to the Gryphon Connect app and go to SETTINGS > PASSPORT APP.

3.  Click ACTIVATE NOW button in  the activation screen.

4.  Click CREATE A NEW PASSPORT ACCOUNT and complete remaining steps of the registration process.

5.  You’ll be prompted to download a QR code of your PASSPORT Master Key.  This QR code will be saved in your smartphone’s Photos and you’ll need to scan it to connect your PASSPORT account to your Premium Protection subscription.

6.   After downloading your QR code, you can exit the Gryphon Connect app.

b. Install PASSPORT app on your smartphone

1.  Download and install the PASSPORT app.

2.  Open PASSPORT app and click SIGN IN.

3.  Create a PASSPORT password for this device.

c. Connect PASSPORT w/ your Premium Protection subscription

1.  After creating your PASSPORT device password, enter your Master Key or scan your QR code (in your smartphone’s Photos) from the previous step (a5).

2.  Congratulations. You’ve successfully activated your PASSPORT account.