Military-Grade Password Management

PASSPORT protects your passwords with virtually imprenetrable security — while syncing  seamlessly across your devices, so you’ll never have to worry about remembering a password again.


Nearly everything online requires you to create a password. But passwords can be a real pain to keep track of AND they need to be protected to safeguard your private data.

The PASSPORT app makes password management more hassle-free and secure than ever.

The Password Problem

  • QThe average person juggles 10 passwords across more than 100 websites and online accounts.
  • QMost people use (and re-use) weak password patterns hoping to make them easier to remember.
  • QPassword managers help, but store your data in ways that are prone to hacking. And what's scarier than having your password hacked? Having ALL your passwords hacked.
Passport - The Password Problem
Passport by Metasafe

The PASSPORT Solution

  • Login to any website and PASSPORT saves your password. You don't have to enter your password to that site again, even on other devices.
  • Unlock PASSPORT using your smartphone with a convenient face or thumbprint scan.
  • Using blockchain technology, your passwords are NOT stored anywhere hackers can break into. They’re also protected by a secret key that only YOU have access to.

Forget the ‘Forgot My Password’ Link

Use PASSPORT to track your passwords. You won’t have to worry about remembering your logins or passwords again.

Once you save a website password in PASSPORT, you won’t have to enter it again, even on your other devices. 

Log in to PASSPORT instantly and securely with face or thumbprint scan.

Import credentials from your current password manager… PASSPORT is the last you’ll ever need.

Works With All Your Smart Devices

Once you save a password in PASSPORT, it’s instantly ready to be auto-filled on all of your PASSPORT-connected devices.   

PASSPORT Compatible

Highest Level of Data Security

There are dozens of password managers out there, but nothing secures your data like PASSPORT.

  • Your data is never stored in a single place or central server that criminals can hack.
  • PASSPORT hides your data in an impenetrable way that would take even the most powerful computers decades to figure out (AES-256 Encryption).
  • You have total data ownership because it's locked down by your Master Key. Without your key, no one can recover your account access... Not even our PASSPORT team.

PASSPORT secures your data with
AES-256 Bit Encryption
Decentralized Blockchain Storage
Triple-Layer Data Encryption
Consensus Algorithm
Off-Chain (IPFS) Data Decentralization & Redundancy

Most people are not familiar with these complex cyber security terms. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be. PASSPORT keeps password management simple… while using cutting-edge algorithms and security technologies to protect your data from hackers and cybercriminals .

Overview of PASSPORT Data Security Flow

PASSPORT by Metasafe

Here’s what happens when you store website login credentials in PASSPORT:

1. The PASSPORT app encrypts your data with AES-256 bit data encryption.

Note: Every step below that mentions  encrypting your data does so with AES 256.

2.  Your data is broken up into encrypted blocks and stored throughout various locations on the PASSPORT Metasafe blockchain network.

3.  The information required to validate and access your data is encrypted and separately stored in various, randomly selected locations on an Interplanetary File Storage (IPFS) system.

4.  The IPFS also generates instructions to identify and unlock your data, which are also encrypted and separately stored on the PASSPORT Metasafe blockchain network.

AES-256 Bit Data Encrption

Every encryption layer of PASSPORT uses AES-256.

AES 256-bit data encryption is a technique that hides your data by converting it to text than can’t be read by humans or computers (data encryption) and can’t be converted back to readable text without the AES 265-bit key (data decryption). This impenetrable key is considered impossible to crack through brute-force methods by even the world’s most powerful computers.

Decentralized Blockchain Data Storage

PASSPORT encrypts and distributes your data across storage points in different locations, with redundancy (mutiple copies). This protects your data from being compromised like traditional cloud-based password managers which are stored on a central server that can be hacked or breached.

Decentralized Off-Chain Data

Content Identifiers (CIDs) used to identify the storage locations of your data on the decentralized blockchain are encrypted and saved redundantly in randomly selected locations across an Interplanetary File System Storage (IPFS) system. CIDs only point to the data location — they DO NOT unlock your encrypted data saved in PASSPORT.

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